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“Finding the correct suppliers to help reduce cost, meet the quality standards, and lead deadlines are one of the most important factors in a supply chain management company. “

Supply Chain Mapping and Design

Creating the map will give you a representation of your suppliers and can help make adjustments on the fly when you need updating on product development strategy.

Global Sourcing of variety commodity types

SCS Group has the resources to help your company set up global sourcing to help return the most on your investment. We have the logistics to find the best opportunity for your company to help produce the best product at the best cost.

Materials Management and Handling

Material management is one of the most important factors in supply chain management. We can help source the material, and find the best process to make your business or product the most efficient with correct profit margins.

Value Stream Mapping

Creating the products is hard enough but making sure we have the best process for the manufacturer, supplier, and any other functioning role is producing at the highest efficiency.

Project Managment

Today, projects have also become a growing trend in the corporate world. Customers want customized packages. The bulk product offered by the company - “the same product for everyone” - may no longer be valid.

Supply Chain Process Development

The basic premise of a profitable business is that customers are satisfied. Products and services must be products or services that meet customer expectations in order to achieve long-term customer relationships.

Supply Chain Costing Formula

Economic activity is based on the production of goods or services that are sold and bought by someone. In other words, wealth is based on the processing of natural resources into products or services for sale and trade in them.

Quality management

Supply chain management and its development is a strategic issue: how supply chain logistics is built and what it requires in the long run. The supply chain should be managed as a whole and sub-optimization should be avoided and not just focus on one or a few functions.
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Reaching The Stars For Our Clients

Welcome to the SCM Consulting

SCS Group Oy provides supply chain management consulting to make your daily processes and interactions with manufacturers, suppliers and customers easier and more efficient. Because we know that your equipment dealership is in direct contact with manufacturers and suppliers as well as your customers every single day. Our goal is to focus on risk minimization, this is done by focusing on supply chain management strategy.

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Our Practices

And you can grant your customers 24/7 access to a customer portal to share information and documents, and to allow them to order parts or schedule service visits. SCS Group ERP supply chain solutions make 

Supplier Qualification and Audit

Finding a supplier can make or break a business plan. 

Commodity Cost Reduction

Find the best supply chain management plan can help increase profits, let us help reduce your cost and deliver your products with faster lead times.

Assurance of Supply Management

We can help anticipated and plan for reducing your risk and ensure you have the best supply chain management in place.

Procurement Risk Management

Risk management with us is a strategic plan to help execute the best plan of action for your business.

Implementation of supply chain management.

And you can grant your customers 24/7 access to a customer portal to share information and documents, and to allow them to order parts or schedule service visits.

SCS Groups ERP supply chain solutions make lives easier for your people as they save time, prevent errors and eliminate duplicate work. And your customers will experience a higher service level and will become loyal to your organization.


Looking For A Reliable & Dedicated Supply Chain Consultant?